Founded in 1978, Envea is leading the field in continuous environmental pollution analysis systems:

  • Ambient air quality monitoring (AQMS)
  • Industrial process measurement & continuous emission monitoring (CEMS)
  • Engine exhaust gas monitoring
  • Radionuclide monitoring
  • Water quality monitoring
  • Environmental Data Acquisition & Processing Softwareadjustable to any city or plant size and managing various data sources: emission, imission, meteorological, water and process.


Headquartered in France, Envea includes a variety of companies that all proudly represent our shared beliefs and innovation values:
  • Altech Environment USA
  • Environnement S.A India Pvt Ltd
  • Environnement S.A China Ltd
  • Environnement S.A Deutschland
  • Environnement Italia Spa
  • iseo
  • Cairpol
  • OTI Industrie
  • PCME Ltd
  • TDL Sensors Ltd
  • SWR Engineering Messtechnik

Partnering with the Envea ensures high value relations through proven solutions which meet regulatory compliance, improve environmental performance, control and assist in reducing costs:

  • Internationally Certified and Approved solutions for regulatory markets
  • Comprehensive experience of supplying turnkey solutions
  • Integrated systems to achieve regulatory compliance, with process control and optimisation benefits
  • Established worldwide service and support network through our exclusive distribution network of trained engineers and sales teams in over 65 countries

Our worldwide references guarantee a perfect understanding of your needs and ability to manage a vast range of applications:

  • More than 35,000 air quality monitors are measuring the pollution of cities worldwide: Rio de Janeiro, Istanbul, Barcelona, Saint Petersburg, Seoul, Mecca, Delhi, Moscow, Paris, Bombay, Tunis, Abu Dhabi, Bangkok, Beijing, Chongqing…
  • Over 25,000 emission sources and processes are monitored worldwide in all industries including waste incinerators, power generation plants, chemical & petrochemical industries, cement plants, glass manufacturing, metal factories, paper mills, engine manufacturers, etc.